About Trimoso

Behind each idea is a story. The same goes for us.

How it all began

In 2013 we decided to emigrate from the Netherlands to beautiful Switzerland. A decision that we have not regretted for even one second. During the move, we stayed in an Airbnb property for the first three months. We realised at that moment that coming home is much more than just having a roof over your head. Feeling at home comes from so many different things: a private living room, ability to make your own meals, having space for yourself and your children. This is so much more than a hotel can offer. And that is what is so beautiful behind the idea of Home Sharing.

Since we have had so many beautiful experiences renting other people’s houses, we decided to rent out our house during our absence. We saw the benefits (great pocket money for your holiday) and disadvantages (figuring out how much my place is worth and which guests will stay in my house?) and we decided to do something with these experiences.

More than just renting

At Trimoso we want to let people take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Home Sharing but without all the drawbacks… or in other words Carefree Home Sharing. We want to ensure that all parties are satisfied; both the customer as well as the guests who stay in the home.
With all the guests we have extensive contact, we show them around the house upon arrival, we provide information about the use of the property and upon departure we walk together with the host through the house to see if everything is in good condition.

And we also take care of your home: we ensure that it is clean and stays that way, we take care of the mail and, if you’d like, we can even water your plants. In short, you can rent out your home, and remain sure that it is safe and taken care of while you’re away.

Our team

Our team currently exists out of five people with different professional backgrounds. The founders, Ralph and Tessa, have many years of experience in tourism and psychology respectively.
We all know how to deal with people from different cultural backgrounds. We anticipate on the needs of our clients and take care of their home, so our clients can enjoy their holiday and earn money at the same time.

Perhaps you’re thinking “this is too good to be true”. Please contact us to schedule an appointment, so we can explain exactly how we could provide you our services.

We hope to speak to you soon!


The founders of Trimoso
Carefree Homesharing